Hustle: The Key To Achieving Your Dreams

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“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Abraham Lincoln

For years now, I have been researching the behaviours of people who are successful. I believe in constantly working on yourself and going for your dreams. I have a passion for business and a drive within me that doesn’t allow me to give up. I was curious to see what qualities make for a successful entrepreneur, and if I possessed them. If not, what I can do to make the necessary changes so that I can achieve my dreams?

I started reading books by Napoleon Hill, Malcolm Gladwell, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and many others. I listened to motivational speakers and researched the principles used to achieve success. As the universe will have it, I received an email about a conference in a near by municipality featuring Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor, among others. Shortly after, a friend told me about a motivational speaker named Les Brown.  I went to the conference but I didn’t pay attention to the complete list of speakers. I really just saw that Tony Robbins was speaking and decided that I had to see him live. However, the first speaker up happened to be, none other than, Les Brown! Coincidence? I think not. His message felt like he was speaking directly to me. It was exactly what I was looking for.

My research revealed that there is a common theme when it comes to achieving one’s dream: Hustle.

Call it what you like, hustle, grit, work ethic…the fact remains that you have to put consistent effort into what you want. You have to work at it, think about it, plan it, execute it, revise plans, execute again, and keep on moving forward. Part of that plan requires you to put your financial house in order. Save money, budget, plan, and keep dreaming. When you work at your dream, you feel alive. You have energy. Everyday is a day closer to achieving that dream!

If you need some energy, take a look at this clip from the “Power of Success Tony Robbins Seminar” that I attended. When you start working toward your dreams, you will feel this good.

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